GOOZY Secret Hide and Seek Challenge! Get the Golden Cupcake OUTSIDE! (FGTeeV Escapes #3)

17. nov. 2020
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Did you know there is a Golden Cupcake waiting for you in Goozy? Also we encounter Goozy's Final Form and we escape Chapter 1!!
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  • goozy

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  • Jwsj,

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  • This is a funny vid lol

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  • My parents call me reganduld

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  • Uhm well my game freezes on the life screen but its also on the start screen

    keiron brownkeiron brownPred 15 urami
  • Fgteev you should add Goozy to Ape chase

    Adam MichaelAdam MichaelPred 19 urami
  • Duddy i watch your tiktok and. You did to moomy you are huging her and the thing the picturs that girl ok you just get mareid ok

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  • Goozy=Impostor

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  • I did download goozy dummy

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  • "eat a cupcake and leave me alone bro" ~ duddy 2020 and my new motto for my kids

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  • You should do a goozy song pls do it for 20 millon subs

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  • I .ike your game when I played it it was amazing

    Nina islandNina islandPred 2 dnevi
  • that was funny and a littel scary

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  • Make a chapter 2

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  • It’s goozy

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  • For now

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  • 1/10

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  • Your the best boy youtuber

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  • plz do a goozy music video

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  • fgteev are you not playing roblox anymore

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  • And if you do a beauty 4?

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    • .??

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  • It’s already been past that time

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  • How do you your the hammer tool

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  • Yeah Shawn feels uncomfortable

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  • Me too

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  • Goozy

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  • elsa's voice that she's hearing 16:13

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  • Il 5AM to the other side of a year ago this is a year for me to address the

    Zaekعس٨صعي١ع ZackZack٧ثعبتصهي٧ءمضهبZaekعس٨صعي١ع ZackZack٧ثعبتصهي٧ءمضهبPred 4 dnevi
  • Can u add a update so u can play with 2 people like 1 person is goozy and the other person is the survivor

    Elisabete CruzElisabete CruzPred 4 dnevi

    yana tahiryana tahirPred 5 dnevi

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  • S U B S C R I B E D T O F G T E E V S O W E G E T C H A P T E R 2

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  • Gozy

    Jose Luis CandelarioJose Luis CandelarioPred 5 dnevi
  • Trucks were

    Zackaryffyft GrissomZackaryffyft GrissomPred 5 dnevi
  • Maybe the blueprint means that the slimes turn to people and sacrifice yourself.

    Benjamin AriasBenjamin AriasPred 5 dnevi
  • 0:0

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    • Ddfg

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  • Aaaaaa gozzy!

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  • I’m fat

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  • I escaped

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  • I Love goozy in real life

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  • i so under my yotube fgteev habeeb

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  • Goozyloveyou

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  • Siri Gokey

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  • I play fgeetv goose

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  • I have this game

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  • dream is that you?

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  • You are the best youtuber

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  • U r the best

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  • i have goozy but I am scard to buy lights out

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  • ازاي اعمل حاجه زي كده

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  • Fgteev a jave Goodyear pero de gon miento pero a gare shani en juego 😁

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  • oooooooooooh my god

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  • *sucked up by UFO ending * Duddy : NONONONO WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT Oreo : QUIET!!!!!!!

  • Fgteev go movie over the hedge

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  • Hi

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  • Play hide and seek piggy on ROBLOX

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  • do sister locashon

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  • Not you The Ashle Nicole

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  • Can he get that monster thing?

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  • I got the app Goozy I can’t get through the door though.

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  • Are you a noob remember last time you were Michael in the freaking form let’s do that to you now

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  • Fgteev is the best gamer

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  • Fgteev why aren't you going to save your family your dad flutter

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  • Fgteev daddy is actually called Vince

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  • I was keep off dying

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  • Oi

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  • Fgteev could you give me a money from the phone

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  • I win

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  • How don’t you know what gonna happen when this is your game?

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  • yes😞Kosovare

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  • How does four 3365 things

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  • Do you want right past Talley

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  • Nop

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  • When i play hide and seek it was dolly

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  • Goozy's final form is like purple mutated slime spider

    Official Ender The Void SoldierOfficial Ender The Void SoldierPred 11 dnevi
    • @Official Ender The Void Soldier ok then

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    • How Goozy gets angry then

      Official Ender The Void SoldierOfficial Ender The Void SoldierPred 11 dnevi

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  • Adsr

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  • Jfjdjek?

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  • Hey Fgtv family is there a multiplayer game mode for Goozy?

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  • I am a fan.

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  • Ell)all

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  • Why is Susie and dirty-looking a cupcake together

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  • Imagine if you guys made a goozy 2

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    • @Hanukkah k

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    • Ya that would be awesome

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    • Ur right

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  • Goofy awesome

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  • We touch timothy he lough this appear

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  • goozy hold's the chapter.

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  • Goozy people wow

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  • Fgteev you guys got making another update of goozy Valentine's day Easter

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    • FGTEEV play your goofy game they have a Christmas one you guys got to get it my talking Tom friends it's free on the Google play

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  • My dad nevir have fund wif. Me

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  • 100

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  • 100

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  • 😄i made a song now

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  • My name is Kaden i’ve been watching your videos for a long time and I also have your game goozy

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